Ancient Inspirations: Reverence for Nature

Winged imagery of the sun ntr/god, atop a stelae from the Priest of Harsiese, Late Period, photo by Natalie Letcher

Winged imagery of the sun ntr/god,
atop a stelae from the Late Period ca. 664 BCE

Far from being irrelevant to today’s concerns, ancient holistic philosophies offer beautiful, timeless insights to remind modern humankind of the interrelation of all things in the kosmos. Part and parcel of a holistic worldview is recognizing the bountiful gifts provided freely by nature, upon which all life is dependent. The modern movement of going ‘green’ is a but a necessary return to ancient roots of holism and practicing such understanding today.

As a way of promoting greater awareness and engagement with ancient holistic thinking, I thought a category of ancient inspirations, offering short quotes, insights and images might be of interest. Here’s an example of ancient Egyptian holism expressed through reverence for nature, written on a stela of the New Kingdom:

“Hail to you, Re (sun), perfect each day, who rises at dawn without failing…Sole one unique one, who traverses eternity” from stela of brothers Suti and Hor, Lichtheim’s text, The New Kingdom.

How will you appreciate nature this day? A rejuvenating walk in the park or by the sea, taking time to watch the awesome beauty of the sunset (‘Re‘ setting, Fig. 2 below), enjoying natural food produced, or just appreciating your own body which is an intricate part and magnificent gift of nature?

Thoughts, comments, input?  What are some of your favorite ways of enjoying the natural world?

If you enjoy these ancient inspirations, feel free to let me know by a like, share or follow.  Still trying to figure out the best way(s) to share ancient holistic thinking with people.  Best wishes to all!


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