Latest Book Update: Ancient Holistic Philosophy

Latest book update: The new book cover is shown here, and The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking: Philosophies of Holism in Ancient Egypt & Greece is now available in ebook format first for preorders and for a sneak preview on my Smashwords author site.

Book CoverRepresentative of the subject matter of the text, the cover art symbolically draws on both Greek & Egyptian philosophical ideas and imagery. The Greek key motif or geometric meander pattern borders the top and bottom, while composite Egyptian solar symbolism is highlighted in the artwork at center focus. The starry cosmic background and nature symbolism sets the tone for the ancient guidance of learning to read, interpret and attune to the ‘Book of Nature’, as revealed through the holistic worldview of the ancients. As demonstrated within the text, Platonic, Presocratic, Pythagorean & Egyptian philosophies each provide different yet complementary ways of reading the kosmosand they articulated their ideas through various means including: detailed conceptual analysis, as well as visual, sensory media, mathematical symbolism, natural philosophy, cosmology myth, analogy, metaphor, art, music/sound.

Truly this work has taken much longer to publish than previously anticipated. For those who have been awaiting its release…thank you for visiting my blog, liking my posts, following, submitting comments, inquiring about the progress of the book publication, and for just connecting in general!  Such feedback is invaluable and much appreciated, as it lets me know that there is a definite and ongoing interest in the material, despite the long delay for the book release and my absence from creating more content for the blog.

The blog posts are intended to provide some background content for the online course, After a long hiatus updates will resume and registration for the course will later be available via secure payment through PayPal.  If you’re interested in either the paperback or hardcover versions, or would like to receive a discount on the upcoming course, please sign up for email notifications to stay abreast of new developments and special promotional prices offered.

Thank you for stopping by, and come back again soon!  

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