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Copyright 2013, The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking, LLC, Photo by Natalie Letcher

The publication of the new textbook The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking has been postponed until later this year due to a death in the author’s family, and the online course will follow after the text is published. Thank you to all of those who have demonstrated early interest in both the book and online class! 

Uniting art, symbol, philosophy and more, begin a journey into the worldview of ancient Egyptian holism here. Explore the timeless principles of Egyptian ideology, its parallels with ancient Greek thought, and how these age-old philosophies are relevant today. Modern cultures have only just begun to rediscover and practice greater awareness of whole-system thinking, particularly in regards to cultivating reverence for the natural world.  In contrast, reverence for the environment, learning from natural patterns, and developing a harmonious relationship with nature were intrinsic to ancient holistic thinking.  We can therefore learn much and benefit from studying the enduring wisdom of these great civilizations. 

The textbook and classes are interdisciplinary in nature, and present a survey and analysis of interrelated, key ideas in Platonic, Presocratic, Pythagorean & Egyptian schools of thought. The short blog posts on this site are only intended to pique your interest for further inquiry.  For in-depth study and multi-sensory engagement with the philosophies of Holism in Ancient Egypt & Greece take the online course, which is based upon the upcoming book The initial emphasis on this website will be primarily on ancient Egypt or Kemet, for there is a tremendous lack of awareness of Egyptian philosophy in general.  Ancient Greek philosophy is much more familiar to most people as it is commonly taught in mainstream education (with the exception of Pythagorean philosophy which is also largely omitted from traditional universities). On the other hand, approaching Greek philosophy from the perspective of holism is also a unique angle, which will be presented in the book and online classes.

Although the focus is upon ancient Greek & Egyptian ideologies, a major goal of The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking is to promote a multicultural educational model. This interdisciplinary, approach incorporates multicultural awareness of holistic thinking, along with corresponding multi-sensory engagement and philosophical analysis. Read more about the company and the author by clicking the links.
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