he Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking

offers a bookonline classes designed to cultivate the universal, ancient yet timeless wisdom of holism and to spread its awareness in modern culture, while also promoting an interdisciplinary, multicultural, multi-sensory approach to learning.

The vehicles for teaching holistic thinking are an eclectic combination of ancient philosophies, Egyptology, art, symbol and cosmology in which timeless wisdom is incorporated into theory & practice applicable to contemporary culture. For far from being irrelevant to modern concerns, teaching the ancient philosophies of ancient Egypt & Greece in tandem simultaneously addresses modern issues of reverence for and learning from nature, multicultural fluency, in-depth analysis of holistic philosophy as a paradigm, as well as demonstrating how such diverse approaches complement each other.

In the ancient Egyptian & Greek schools of thought considered, an understanding of the ideology of holism itself was the standard to be held as ‘sacred’, and is not the monopoly of any one culture, group, dogma, or discipline, neither religion nor science. For this reason, I take a multicultural, interdisciplinary approach to teaching holistic philosophy, and in the book I refer to holistic thinking as the ‘sacred aesthetic‘.

Copyright The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking, LLC, Photo by Natalie Letcher

Copyright The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking, LLC, Photo by Natalie Letcher

In the ancient world, the framework of holism could be articulated in many different ways, not limited solely to discursive or analytic writing. Holistic thinking was taught through a variety of disciplines such as natural science, religion, mathematics, myth or cosmology, each revealing a particular aspect of interrelatedness in the kosmos.  The ideas were also conveyed and represented through assorted media including imagery, various arts, the elements, number, as well as philosophical texts.

The upcoming book and online classes are designed to develop greater fluency in holistic thought and the many ways it is articulated Although such understanding certainly occurs partly through intellectual textual analysis, it is also learned by increased receptivity to interdisciplinary and multi-sensory perception and engagement.

The focus of the book and online class is Holism in ancient Egypt and Greece. For the beauty, magnificence and enduring legacy of holism as taught in both ancient Egyptian and Greek philosophy are unique in their right and have a great contribution to make to holistic thought today – with ancient Egypt standing at the dawn of documented holistic philosophy. The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking is dedicated to helping modern culture rediscover and acknowledge the essence of these ancient teachings which should not be overlooked or forgotten (although currently such awareness is sorely lacking).

However, the overall message of The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking is that holism itself is a universal, enduring ideology that transcends historic or cultural boundaries and is available for each of us to cultivate in any time or place. 

Welcome to the ancient yet timeless Art of Holistic Thinking!

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