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Natalie J. Letcher

Natalie J. Letcher

An interdisciplinary explorer by nature, my approach to teaching incorporates both formal academic theory, as well as facilitating conscious engagement of multiple senses.

The book and classes offered through The Ancient Art of Holistic Thinking are the product of both theoretical study as well as my professional and personal investigations into the holistic arts. 

Inquiry into holistic ideologies began early for me with a firm foundation in yogic philosophy and practice. Living and studying in India for six months, I pursued a yoga meditation intensive and have continued this practice (falling under the rubric of raja yoga) throughout my life. Intellectual curiosity into holistic philosophy was thus partnered with inner experiential practice from the start, while dance and hatha yoga, provided a complement to balance body, mind, and emotions. Integrating these activities into my professional pursuits, for 10 years I operated a wellness business offering dance, fitness, and stress management classes as well as massage therapy services toward enhancing well-being .

Also drawn to study and explore the psyche’s inner symbolism, subject matter such as Jungian psychology, alchemical imagery, and psychosynthesis were also key to my independent investigations, prior to embarking upon formal graduate research. I found that each of these disciplines interpreted and employed imagery and visualization in specific ways, offering insights to understand the language of the psyche from a variety of perspectives. 

Subsequent graduate research into the ancient philosophies of Egypt & Greece provided a theoretical background which augmented my prior grounding and practice in the holistic arts. My pedagogical approach thus combines both analytic or theoretical study as well as including assorted multi-sensory modalities, or what is sometimes called a ‘multiple intelligence’ approach to learning.  The new text itself focuses upon theory, while the online classes & live workshops (to be offered at a later time) are designed to incorporate multimedia and facilitate personal processing of the content in various ways, interweaving theoria and praxis.

In brief my own interdisciplinary, meandering path led me to research holism as a universal ideology (which I refer to as a ‘sacred aesthetic’), develop an eclectic, amalgamated approach by drawing together different academic disciplines, and to write a book about Holism in Ancient Egypt & Greece.

I hope you delight in exploring this timeless worldview as much as I have, learning to recognize where different cultural ideologies intersect, art/image meets philosophy, and ancient wisdom meets the present resurgence of holism – Enjoy!

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