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ust as all fields have both theoretical and practical applicationsphilosophia in the ancient world was a way of life, and included both theoria (theory) and praxis (practice). Thus two kind of classes and training will eventually follow the book publication.

  1. Online classes – Learn the background philosophical theory and methods of the ancient yet timeless Art of Holistic Thinking as documented in ancient Greece & Egypt.  Click the link to learn more.
  2. Live intensive workshops – Designed to help develop and cultivate a multi-sensory personal practice rooted in holistic thought.  A hands-on experiential format is intended to draw upon both the ancient methods studied, as well the author’s own holistic practice, training and eclectic background.  Click any of the links to learn more.

Both the book and online classes present holistic philosophy from a multicultural, interdisciplinary lens, highlighting the intersections of thought and image, theory (theoria) and practice (praxis) in ancient Greece & Egypt.

For those wanting a more in-depth experiential program, you can later complement your online training with the live workshops.  This unique format will partly draw upon the ancient philosophies and methodologies presented in the text, yet emphasizes a hands-on personal practice rather than academic theory.

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